Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"You finally figure out that it's only the clock that's going around....It's doing its thing but're sitting here.... right now... always." --Baba Ram Das

One topic that I find myself revisiting again and again is the issue of time. It is a real issue because I keep coming to the conclusion that it truly does not exist, but keeps fooling us every hour of every day into thinking that it's really a thing, no matter how invisible it seems.. I continually try to remind myself how important right now is, because it is really all we have, even though it is so quick and gone now, already to a new now. We constantly live in the illusion of the day, but we learn life like that because we must go to school, get an occupation, work to live. We follow the clock as it tells us where and when to be. Yet all of the things I've been learning about in the past few years, about some particular "secret"... that life is so much simpler and abundant than we ever could've imagined, proves itself day in and day out. We quickly learn the Laws of Gravity (falling down many times, only to get back up again), but what of the Law of Attraction? We learn not to get our hopes up. We learn that we can't have everything we want. Maybe, if we work hard enough. But, what if it is really only a change in thought? Something invisible, but so powerful.

Maybe we have all of the time in the world.

Time as a child was a powerful thing. Sometimes it seemed to drag on and on, and we could not wait for the school day to end, for our birthday party, for the field trip that took forever and ever to come. I remind the kids that I coach that they too will be looking back on it all, now, before they know it, seemingly in the blink of an eye. Childhood, a memory. Yesterday, a memory. A minute ago.....

Sometimes I wish I could rewind the hands of time. Do things over. Other times, I think things are fine the way they are. (Only to find that if you went back to change things, they might've turned out different; changed the future of what is Now.)

You only begin to realize after it's passed...There are only so many years a kid has to participate in the sport of gymnastics...I know now that I can go on and on, but certainly not in the same way I did years ago... I remember, due to fear, holding back...I'll do it later.. or later.. But you can never go back to that fear, to conquer the fear you wish you could've set aside for success. I remember hearing many times that gymnastics is 90% mental. (Obviously the physical part is very important, especially since  it does disappear with time). But overall, it is the mind that controls the body, tells it what to do. Another powerful thing. The key to being a good gymnast is to literally slow down "time", to learn aerial awareness. Know at every second where you are, whether you are up side down, or right side up, or somewhere twisting and flipping in the middle. Nothing is ever too scary because you are constantly aware of your body, at every given second..Bad habits are not created because they can be instantly fixed, realizing exactly where we made the mistake. Gymnastics in the Now.

Easier said than done as every second blends into the next. And then we find ourselves here, six months later. Six years later. Everything in Life a Mental Game.

Almost like it was yesterday that we changed the clocks back, shifting and altering the hands of time with our own two hands. (Makes me rest assured, when the days sadly get darker earlier that we will gain back our light in no time.) Back in the day, one day we decided to change time twice each year. (To save energy, (neither created nor destroyed.)) With our own hands, gaining or losing hours. Proof though, that we are very much in control of our "time." This thing that measures where and when to be. Dictates the blueprint of our lives, where many get lost in the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Weekend Game, and Repeat. Working to live and living to work. We must not get lost in these labels, my friends.

Past, present, future all going on right Now, simultaneous. All happening Now. How then, does that affect our construct of time? It appears to be one big contradiction, if we look back now at our past, which may very well still be happening somewhere outside of the clock which reads right now, changing to now, now. Our memory becoming the Now. We cannot see it, but perhaps it exists. We cannot touch the past as we know it, wherever it is, but is it still really out there? Happened somewhere as right now is happening?

You may have left us, but you are somewhere out there, existing beyond our time. (Energy neither created nor destroyed.)

If you look "up", there is something out there called space, a very close friend to time. The other day we went to visit Palomar Mountain, somewhere in San Diego, just over five thousand and a half feet in elevation. As we grew closer to the top of the sky, the air quickly grew colder and we reached the Palomar Observatory. Snow spotted several parts of the ground. There was a room which explained the stars, and galaxies, and things you forget walking around the ground in the daylight, or even the night with so much light pollution. Looking up, we see the bright little lights dancing in the darkness, and it boggles our mind how far away in space these things exist. Light-years away. We are only really a speck of little something in a vast, unbelievable, never-ending world. How far does space go and when could we get there? It is said, that when we look out into space because it takes light so long to travel from so far away, we are looking into the past. The past burning bright in our night sky. Past all around us, disappearing to the eye in the light, but always there. Naked to the eye. Where then, can we see the future, if everything is indeed happening Now? Happening somewhere within outside of time. And somewhere in space, our future self, looking back at a life we once knew. Appearing like a star. Life everywhere, all around, far beyond anything our minds can fathom. Beyond our words can explain. Each one of our many, many selves, our lives, all happening, Now.

And oddly enough, everything seemingly has its "time." If it is to happen, it will, without force. With the sheer knowledge that it is HAS happened, will happen, is happening, whenever it should. The "secret" of all universal life. So long as you believe, and know and trust. Everything will happen in its own time Now.

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