Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Reminder Letter to the World

Wake up, World, it’s mourning time. Time to grieve the loss of your old, stale, hateful ways. Time to heal your past wounds, to make a change, to do something different. Yesterday is gone, but do not cry, because today burns bright with new purpose: to open your eyes and recognize that there is so much potential.

The sun is always shining, regardless of where you are. Right now, you may be in darkness, but the Earth will spin and shed light for you soon. It’s all a matter of perspective, really, this human experience. Yet the heart of the matter is always love, and the essence of who you are is not made of matter, no matter how your mind attempts to dismiss this. You always have been, and you always will be, Love.

NEWSFLASH: Your fear is broadcasted daily, primetime. So much of your news is who killing this and who murdering that, but those newscasters do not shed light on how what we can’t see never does die (your love, your beauty, your soul).

Your entertainment, so much shoot ‘em up, crazy guys. It’s not real, just for fun, you justify, but isn’t it all getting very real? Your “protection,” so filled with guns and bombs, and contradictions to peace. Safety, you ask? Well, what of harmony. What, really, are you fighting for?

When you fight for freedom, you fail to see that you are born free, and always will be, Love. Because when you step back, dear Friend, you see you are only a prisoner of your own mind. There are no real lines scrawled across the dirt. No borders or boundaries. Move beyond your city, your state. Your precious country. Your continent.

Our Earth. What’s yours is mine and mine yours—this beautiful, immaculate place we call home, the country of our soul. Our World. Floating amidst an abundant Universe filled with all you could ever ask for, and more—at your fingertips, if you so choose.

Once you move outward and see from beyond, return back in to yourself. The nation of the heart resides deep within, my beautiful Brother, my stunning Sister; you see, the extraordinary light that burns in my eyes, burns too in yours. What your true purpose is you may not know just yet, but trust that it is an important one. Yes, you. A peaceful power that illuminates your truth.

When you close your eyes and listen to the silence, you begin to remember why it is you’re here. That you are NEVER alone, and that your inner guidance is always a heartbeat away. Always nurtured and protected, forces seen and felt and known, beyond what meets the eye—so very real, if you so believe.

It is never too late to start editing your rules—the rules you may have forgotten were written by your own hand. History repeats, they say, if you do not learn, but every day is a chance to re-write your story anew. Every day, a new chapter. What, World, do you want for yourself?

Money and power? Peace and purpose? Know that the most powerful things in life your special paper/metal cannot buy. Pound, Dollar, Euro, Yen. Your cents are nonsense when you recognize the true currency of your world is unwavering, unconditional, all-encompassing LOVE. Heartfelt gratitude. And the essence of your soul radiates color beyond what you can see in any skin pigment, far beyond the magic of any rainbow. (Light and beauty you are, my dear, in all colors and in absence thereof.)
You see, the true race of the world is unity, and the core of your being celebrates a religion that joins all Gods, all beliefs, in a quest for oneness. A journey within that reveals how serenity lies at the center of each and every single one of us. Yes, everyone single one. That you truly possess the ability to release, to let go of any anger, any hate. To eliminate the division. To become one with who you are, and always have been: Separate but equal. Different, but the same. Many, but one. (Fear not the duality; Embrace it.)

Do you hear now... the laughter of your children? The whispers of your elders? Do you recall, now, your mission?

Not just to teach your children to re-create this world through co-creation, but to remember that we too learn from our children. That what’s born from you, my sweet, is only love. That joy, presence, laughter, and positivity are your best medicine. That healing lies at the heart of your own will. Your own magic. Your own great gifts.

Goodnight, World, it is time for rest. Close your eyes, and dream sweet dreams of a new Earth. A new you. A bright, peaceful and into forever.

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